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When you’ve been the victim of a personal injury, it can be difficult to know what to do next. Most times, insurance companies are involved and want to talk to you. But the biggest impact is usually physical – the injury. Medical treatment is needed. Medical expenses are incurred. Injuries often require time away from work or other responsibilities. When it all seems too much, Gonzalez Law Group, P.C.can help.

Gonzalez Law Group, P.C attorneys are experienced and skilled at handling a wide variety of personal injury cases. We offer clients the benefits of a large firm practice experience with the personal service found most at smaller firms.  We represent clients throughout Chicagoland and suburbs.

We are highly qualified and aggressive attorneys who seek to protect our clients’ rights, including helping them obtain compensation for their losses. Our personal injury practice includes the following types of cases:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck, motorcycle, bus and boat accidents
  • Premises liability – slip-and-falls, sidewalk defects, snow and ice dangers, merchandise displays, falling objects
  • Toxic torts – mold, asbestos
  • Products liability
  • Fire claims
  • Dog bites and animal injuries
  • Serious and catastrophic injuries
  • Wrongful death

Our approach to each case is team oriented. Along with our Chicago accident attorneys and legal professionals, the clients are just as involved with the process. We keep our clients informed and help them understand each step of their case.

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If you have been injured due to a car crash, you may be entitled to recover fair compensation for the damages you have suffered, including for medical bills, lost wages, emotional distress, pain and suffering and other related costs.  Gonzalez Law Group, P.C. assists victims throughout  Chicago who suffer from complex and serious injuries — including spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries — and has represented those who lost a loved one in an auto accident in wrongful death actions.

Accident cases we handle:

Auto accidents are among the most common types of personal injury accidents. In 2009 alone, an estimated 25,576 people died in car crashes in the United States. Additionally, many more motorists suffered varying types of car accident injuries.

Our Chicago car accident attorneys are equipped to handle the following auto accident cases:

Truck and bus accidents: Truck accidents are capable of causing catastrophic injuries and even death. Bus accidents can be complicated, since they may require you to file a claim against a government entity. Our car accident lawyers in NJ have the experience, knowledge and skill to assist you with all types of truck and bus accidents.

Motorcycle accidents: Over the course of our practice, we have helped many motorcyclists recover the compensation they need to move on with their lives. We recognize that motorcycle accidents can be caused by negligent drivers and damaged or defective roadways.

Fatigued or distracted driver accidents: Drowsy or distracted drivers should never be on the road. Yet every year, drivers who are fatigued get behind the wheel and endanger the lives of others. In addition, drivers who are distracted by their cell phones, fellow passengers or other activities risk injuring themselves and other motorists.

Accidents with drunken drivers: Accidents caused by DUI/DWI often result in serious injuries to all parties involved. At our firm we fight hard to protect the rights of anyone who suffers harm from a drunken driver. As experienced NJ car accident lawyers, we understand that an accident with a drunken driver can cause stress, frustration and anger. Our lawyers help you take action against the driver who caused your accident so you can resume your life as quickly as possible.

Highway accidents: A highway or interstate accident can involve many motorists. As a result, it is common for several people to suffer injuries in such a collision. Since these roadways have high speed limits, injuries can be catastrophic.

At our firm we understand that the last thing you want to deal with after an accident is gathering information about the law. We are here to take care of everything so you can focus on recovering.

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An auto accident could change your life forever. But with the right legal help, you can obtain compensation to recover damages. At Gonzalez Law Group, P.C. we strive to help our clients obtain fair settlements. To schedule a free consultation and speak to one of our highly qualified lawyers, call 312-962-0416.